What would a good future with AGI look like?

As technology continues to improve, one thing is certain: the future is going to look like science fiction. Doubly so once AGI is invented, because we can expect the AGI to produce technological improvements at a superhuman rate, eventually approaching the physical limits to how small machines can be miniaturized, how fast they can compute, how energy-efficient they can be, etc.

The world we live in today could be improved in many ways, so given these increasingly powerful tools, it seems likely that whoever controls those tools will use them to make increasingly large improvements to the world. If (and that's a big if!) humanity retains control of the AGI, we could use its powers to solve any challenge related to science or engineering. This would allow us to stop climate change, solve world hunger, cure cancer and every other disease, colonize other planets, and even eliminate aging and death.

For more inspiration, here are some stories painting bright, AGI-powered futures: