Where can I find mentorship and advice for becoming a researcher?

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There are multiple programmes you can apply to if you want to try becoming a researcher. If accepted to these programs, you will get funding and mentorship. Some examples of these programs are: SERI summer research fellowship, CERI summer research fellowship, SERI ML Alignment Theory Program, and more. A lot of these programs run during specific times of the year (specifically during the summer).

Other examples of things you can do are: join the next iteration of the AGI Safety Fundamentals programme (https://www.eacambridge.org/technical-alignment-curriculum), if you're thinking of a career as a researcher working on AI safety questions you can get 1-1 career advice from 80,000 Hours (https://80000hours.org/speak-with-us), you can apply to attend an EAGx or EAG conference (https://www.eaglobal.org/events/) where you can meet in-person with researchers working on these questions so you can directly ask them for advice.

Some of these resources might be helpful: https://www.aisafetysupport.org/resources/lots-of-links

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