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plexTemplate extra functionality request

On this wiki there are Category:Questions (Template:Question) and Category:Answers (Template:Answer). Right now in order to connect a question and an answer you have to set answeredby= and answerto= on both pages (which sets Property:AnsweredBy and Property:AnswerTo, and displays the connected question or answer alongside the page's own question or answer), which will get inconvenient to maintain as we load up all the questions and fails the single point of truth thing.

  1. I'd like to have it set up so that if you set the parameter on either an answer or a question, the connection shows up on both pages.
  2. Ideally it would use input type=tokens for connecting Qs and As, so there is no hard limit on the number of connections from a page and the edit form is cleaner.
  3. The last bonus feature is to have it deduplicate if you set it on both, but if that's not practical we can just avoid setting it on both.

I've tried a bunch of things to get this working but I've so far not succeeded. Happy to install any additional extensions needed, Special:Version for conveniently checking what we already have (most of the core SMW ones, Regex Fun, Arrays, and a few others).

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