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Stampy's Wiki is a database of questions and answers about Artificial Intelligence existential safety created by the Rob Miles AI community. The data will be used by Stampy, a natural language interface powered by semantic search and capable of answering most common questions.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Offer answers which are regularly improved and reviewed by our community
    • Let people answer questions in a way which scales, freeing up the time of people who understand the field while allowing more people to learn from a reliable source
    • Between the stamp eigenkarma system and giving verified researchers and other proven people power to promote or dis-promote answers, we'll try to reliably surface only answers which have been checked by someone who knows what they're talking about
    • Make external resources more easy to find by encouraging lots of links out
  • Provide a form of legitimate peripheral participation for the AI Safety community, as an on-boarding path for people who want to help
    • Encourage people to think and read about AI alignment while trying to answer questions
    • Create a community of co-learners who can give each other feedback and social reinforcement
  • Collect data about the kinds of questions people actually ask and how they respond, so we can better focus resources on answering them

If you would like to help out, check contributing, (technical contributing), scope, or talk to us on the Discord.