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As learned agents, humans are likely subject to what is known in alignment research as "inner misalignment" - we learn to pursue certain objectives that are correlated with what we biologically find rewarding. As we gain experience and learn more things, our pursuits change to better match those intrinsic values. However, another significant factor is that our terminal goals are very often opaque to us. Many a story has been written about people struggling to find their 'heart's true desires', and there is research to back this up. For instance, if you ask people to make a series of choices, and then go through the list again and ask them to justify the choices they made, they often won't notice when you lie about which choice they made, and will go along and justify a choice they never actually made.

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The meta-interpreter, of course.

"'You're very clever, young man, very clever,' said the old lady. 'But it's interpreters all the way up!' "

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