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IAN THESEIRA's question on WNJ: Raise AI Like Kids? id:UgxohMxYXdFkvV0GzS14AaABAg

How to program learned helplessness you mean? In a situation where the hairier things are the better, so there is more slicing and dicing, splitting hairs and knit picking, to buy more time (and other resources) for programer and programed alike, rider and riden?

Growing more one horse towns, for greater horse power, with the same jockeys in place - the fhair-less and the heirless? Merrily going round and round, still with same objective in place, run out of change, or break the rivets that keep horses running around in circles. Yoked to grind stone for making bread?

Still dreaming of getting to, or create gaseous pools for species that no longer reproduce via seminal lines, but via the ether. Space dolphin navigators and their clam shell pilots is it?

OK Thanks I see your point. You mean insurers that setup and encourage slips and trips, because losses and liabilities are straps and braces that connect larger entities (parent organizations) to smaller ones (children organization) in the form of towing lines that also serve as supply feeds, that allow resources to flow both ways. Social bads for commercial goods? As only way to prevent hot conflict? Where the greatest threat is conviction?

Turning some communities into self saboteurs who specialize in failure. Lest they actually rise up the ranks and are forced to face down (far larger entities) as outright competitors? Versus playing the role of dependents who draw assistance out of superiors (who can then credit themselves on account of charity) by staging mistakes.

So that this clever embellishment and steering of viewpoints, is already assisted by A.I. and their human programers I suspect?

More on point to your video. Scaling is probably the main obstacle for staying human as human beings fade out into faceless numbers, after a hundred or so.

When humans are wired to have no more than 3 or four concentric rings of significant social agents. All things past that point are abstracted and "objectified" in some sense. This can be mitigated to some degree, but divide and rule methods, is still the same solution that then becomes the problem, as it always has been.

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