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Duplicate non-YouTube questions

Are there anything that can actually be done in the amount of time left? (duplicate of Is it already too late to work on AI alignment?)
Couldn’t we keep the AI in a box and never give it the ability to manipulate the external world? (duplicate of Why can’t we just “put the AI in a box” so that it can’t influence the outside world?)
How do I convince other people that AI safety is important? (duplicate of What’s a good AI alignment elevator pitch?)
How long will it be until transformative AI is created? (duplicate of When will transformative AI be created?)
How might an AI-enabled "long reflection" look? (duplicate of How might humanity decide what we want the future to be like once we have an aligned superintelligence?)
If an AI system is smart, could it figure out the moral way to behave? (duplicate of Wouldn't a superintelligence be smart enough to know right from wrong?)
Is it possible to limit an AGI from full access to the internet? (duplicate of Is it possible to block an AI from doing certain things on the Internet?)
Is there something useful we can ask governments to do for AI alignment? (duplicate of How likely is it that governments will play a significant role? What role would be desirable, if any?)
Isn’t AI just a tool like any other? (duplicate of Isn’t AI just a tool like any other? Won’t it just do what we tell it to?)
Shouldn't we work on things other than than AI alignment? (duplicate of What about AI concerns other than misalignment?)
What are concrete plausible stories for how an AI takes over the world? (duplicate of How might AGI kill people?)
What are some common objections to the need for AI alignment, and brief responses to these? (duplicate of What are some objections to the importance of AI alignment?)
What is Stampy Point Of View? (duplicate of What are the style guidelines for writing for Stampy?)
What is a canonical version of a question on Stampy's Wiki? (duplicate of What is a canonical question on Stampy's Wiki?)
What is artificial general intelligence (AGI)? (duplicate of What is Artificial General Intelligence and what will it look like?)
Who helped create Stampy? (duplicate of Who created Stampy?)

Duplicate YouTube questions

Hindu Goat's question on Quantilizers
RUBBER BULLET's question on WNJ: Think of AGI like a Corporation?