Dev team

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These are the people who've expressed interest in helping with the technical side of the Stampy project.

Name Vision talk Github Trello Active? Notes / bio
Alan Aylmer no keithreid-sfw yes yes "I particularly like test driven development"
Aprillion video Aprillion yes maybe experienced dev (Python, JS, CSS, ...), but slightly burned out, so focusing on PR reviews and small contributions
Augustus Caesar yes AugustusCeasar yes yes Has some Discord bot experience
Benjamin Herman no no (not needed) no yes Helping with wiki design/css stuff
chriscanal yes chriscanal yes yes experienced python dev
Damaged no (not needed) no (not needed) no (not needed) yes experienced Discord bot dev, but busy with other projects. Can answer questions.
plex yes plexish yes yes MediaWiki, plans, and coordinating people guy
robertskmiles yes robertskmiles yes yes you've probably heard of him
Roland yes levitation yes yes working on Semantic Search
sct202 yes no (add when wiki is on github) yes yes PHP dev, helping with wiki extensions
Social Christancing yes chrisrimmer yes yes experienced linux sysadmin
sudonym yes jmccuen yes yes systems architect, has set up a lot of things
uli video UlisseMini no yes
Ashpool yes ashpooljh yes no "I happen to be moderately experienced with Python" + Telegram bots & ORM
gelisam yes gelisam yes no
Mink no Mink-Mink yes no
Yevgeniy yes yevagorbachev yes no "I know a bit of Python"
Zorink yes HunterCarlson yes no