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The issue with pascal's wager is it pretends only the christian god is possible and that no other god also threatens infinite punishment or punishes infinite reward. It also forgets that you can only believe in one god since that's how monotheism works. Maybe the christian god is real, maybe the jewish version is real, maybe the islamic version is real, maybe polytheism is correct, maybe the real god is no longer represented in a practiced religion, or maybe there is no god. If there is any god, then getting the gambit wrong means infinite punishment. If there is no god, then it doesn't matter.

I think, logically, the fact that we are here questioning it implies, to some extent, that there is something larger than us. All this matter, this finite amount of stuff in the world universe, it has to have come from somewhere or something. Whatever that thing is on its own scale, it is no different from a god to us. In the same that, in the sims, we are basically gods to the sims, or we are like gods of life and death to ants. Is it necessarily a god represented in a religion? Probably not, as all religions are constructions of man and all his ineptitudes. Even if this hypothetical deity truly appeared before one of us thousands of years ago, the chance that our interpretation of him is still remotely accurate is basically nil.

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