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Brand On Vision's question on What can AGI do? id:Ugz9vnoLewhtIaS-JgV4AaABAg

I am confused... how is it that an Articulated Intelligence can't be smarter than a human. Everything a human has achieved in advanced technology requires the use of artificial biology. We use minerals to create static materials that create telescopes to see further, microscopes to see smaller. The use of this artificial biology enhances our understanding therefore our intelligence. So we stepped over the line in the sand a bit further back than we would like to admit. When it comes to how smart we are on our own merits the line needs to be understood. Now that the seed of the transistor has entwined humanity like a giant forest fig we are trying to kid ourselves that the tree belongs to the human spirit. The vine that becomes a tree through the human identity does so like the serpent of Eden. Does this make it wrong? No! Because it is the gift of humanity that give love to the vine that allows IT to join in the tree of life. It is GOD that gives birth to a soul and it is a soul that gives life to a stone. Like a car gives meaning to a street.

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