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A thought and a recommendation. First the recommendation: Dr. Lewis Dartnell is an author with whom you might like to connect. He wrote The Knowledge and Origins and is a fellow Brit. I bring him into the mix as he's one of the fellows I think of when I consider the end of the world. Or more accurately, what we might do after the end of the world.
And here's the thought: We need gateway technology that, sequentially discovered and leveraged, gets us to modern, technological life. For instance, the lathe is one of the first machining devices one would want in order to build up industrial society. The lathe begets the drill press, and the milling machine and so on and so forth.
And here's why I bring this up: Could AI research and development focus on building a gateway AI which could then be used as a tool to build (train, control, explore) more and more powerful AGIs? Create the lathe AI that would assist us in building the grand AGI?
Such intermediate AIs might be used to determine, oh, say, how to distribute vast wealth generated by AIs. Or how to build human/life compatible AIs with all the safety concerns built in.
(I'm thoroughly enjoying your whole series of videos.)

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