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OK. Doesn't this problem require a self awareness of the system that it will get a deployment phase and an estimation of the training schedule?

Is there any Ai now a days that is in a similar situation?
Wouldn't this be "solved" if we "just" never allowed it to know that there's going to be a situation where it's not going to have the base optimizer?

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Yes. A system must be self-aware to understand that its goal can be changed, to the degree that it can carry out such deception. There are no self-aware AI now (that we know of).Trying to fool an AGI into thinking that it's always being base-optimized works as long as we can outsmart it. Eventually, this strategy amounts to trying to outsmart a super-intelligence (unless one takes the route of making the system less capable in exchange for saftey), and that's a losing strategy by definition.

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