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If an AGi is bound to be developed by humans at some point, isn"t that a natural process in evolution?A general intelligence, constructing a more capable general intelligence.Also,can it not be a mix of things? Humans with implants to employ computational level calculations and streamlining processes,to then develop a fully artificial general intelligence?Your videos seem too fixated on the first part of AGI,the "artificial" one,whereas bio-engineering is just as rapidly developing as computer science.Prosthetics are getting better yearly,deaf can finally experience sound,eyesight can be partially restored,even to people who were born with the defect.Maybe the revolutionary breakthrough,won't come through a ticking time bomb of an unsafe general intelligence,but a superhuman...well human.By integrating the machine with the man,you may not stop the apocalypse,but at least you would prepare for it.Unless of course ethics get involved and cut such endeavors short.

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On video: The other "Killer Robot Arms Race" Elon Musk should worry about
Date: 2020-06-05T22:37
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