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Here are the questions which have been added to the wiki but not yet sorted through. Click below to see instructions for processing them.

To process a question:

  1. Check whether the question is in Stampy's scope (cheatsheet: is it likely to be helpful to
    somei.e. more than just one person with an extremely specific question, such as five paragraphs describing a suggested method for aligning AGI.
    people learning about about AI existential safety). If it's not in scope, mark as 'Out of scope' and move on to the next question.
  2. Check whether there are any existing canonical questions which are duplicates of it by looking at likely tags or running ctrl-f with some plausible words over the list of all canonical questions. If you find a
    duplicateAn existing question is a duplicate of a new one if it is reasonable to expect whoever asked the new question to be satisfied if they received an answer to the existing question instead.
    , click 'Mark as duplicate' and add the name of duplicate to that page, else continue.
  3. Add some relevant tags to the page using the add/edit tags link.
  4. Consider whether the question could be rephrased to be clearer, then if you think of a better name change it by clicking edit then opening the advanced options and writing a new title in the top field.
  5. Mark the question as the appropriate review level (tip: hover over the buttons for descriptions of what each level means).
  6. (optional) Add the question as a related question to some existing questions (either from tag pages, the full list, or memory) and vice versa, to make it more discoverable. Click edit on the question to find the related questions field.
  7. Finally, mark the question as canonical, and bask in the joy of a slightly more organized wiki and a tiny expected increase in the chances of humanity's future going well (hopefully).

The question will now show up on the list of questions we want answered, and the main page.

For sorting incoming YouTube questions, see Prioritize YouTube questions.

There are 6 incoming questions to sort!

Incoming Questions