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These are unanswered questions which we've reviewed and decided are within Stampy's scope. Feel free to answer them if you want to help out. Your answers will be reviewed, stamped, and possibly improved by others so don't worry about them not being perfect :)

There are 149 unanswered canonical questions! (but if we get through those there are 5 incoming ones to review, and 2641 from YouTube which could be raw material for more)

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Is it hard like 'building a secure OS that works on the first try'? Hard like 'the engineering/logistics/implementation portion of the Manhattan Project'? Both? Some other option? Etc.

What is 'Transformative AI'?
What is agent foundations?
How do I stay updated about AI progress?
What is the universal prior?
Will AGI be agentic?
Can we ever be sure an AI is aligned?
What are good resources on AI alignment?
What is 'Do What I Mean'?

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