What are the main sources of AI existential risk?

While we can't predict the full story of how AI will affect the future, there are several broad dynamics that seem like plausible building blocks of an existential catastrophe.

One perspective is to look at features of the world that could make avoiding a disaster much harder, such as insufficient time to solve the problem, insufficient coordination between the most important actors, and much cheaper computing hardware.

Another perspective is to look at different ways a dangerous AI could come about, for example, as an inner optimizer, or because we accidentally misspecify our values, or through misuse. And one could look at different kinds of dangerous uses it could be put to, like locking in undesirable values or inventing powerful weapons. Different types of errors could persist in an AI even as its capabilities became highly advanced, like bad assumptions about metaethics, decision theory, or metaphilosophy.

A post-AGI world could end up with different broad patterns where human values lose influence, like new competitive pressures or concentration of power.